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Portal dedicated to the evolutions of the SRoll algorithm and the distribution of its products


Releases / news

version date paper / presentation data set
SRoll3 2020/12/17 SRoll3: a neural network approach to reduce large-scale systematic effects in the Planck High Frequency Instrument maps (Lopez-Radcenco et al., A&A submitted, arXiv:2012.09702) SRoll 3.0 857 GHz maps release
SRoll2 2021/02/19 Improved large scales interstellar dust foreground model and CMB solar dipole measurement (Delouis et al., A&A accepted, arXiv:2102.10004) SRoll 2.2 dust model maps
2020/11/30 talk by Puget at the CMB systematics and calibration focus workshop, Kavli IPMU, Japan
2019/12/16 poster by Puget at the B-mode from Space conference, Munich
2019/12/05 SRoll 2.2 dataset release
2019/08/28 Reionization optical depth determination from Planck HFI data with ten percent accuracy (Pagano et al., A&A 635, A99, 2020, arXiv:1908.09856)
2019/08/25 SRoll 2.1 maps internal release
2019/08/20 SRoll 2.0 simulations release
2019/07/31 SRoll 2.0 maps release
2019/06/27 poster by Lopez-Radenco at the Deep Learning for Earth and Space Science, Toulouse
2019/06/24 talk by Delouis at the CosmoGold conference, Paris
2019/01/31 SRoll2: an improved mapmaking approach to reduce large-scale systematic effects in the Planck High Frequency Instrument legacy maps (Delouis et al., A&A 609, A38, 2019, arXiv:1901.11386)
2018/12/27 SRoll 2.0 maps are provided to the Planck Collaboration
2018 After the Planck Collaboration Legacy release, SRoll evolution is carried on the Bware team, one of the R&D groups funded by the French space agency CNES, following the end of the CNES Planck Collaboration funding in 2016. The SRoll2 and Sroll3 products are thus not Planck Collaboration products
SRoll1 2018/07/17 SRoll1 is used to build the Planck Legacy HFI frequency maps: Planck 2018 results III. High Frequency Instrument data processing and frequency maps (Planck Collaboration, A&A 641, A3, 2020, arXiv:1807.06207). SRoll1 products are available in the Planck Legacy archive
2016/05/10 Planck intermediate results XLVI. Reduction of large-scale systematic effects in HFI polarization maps and estimation of the reionization optical depth (Planck Collaboration, A&A 596, A107, 2016, arXiv:1605.02985) Planck Collaboration internal release
mid 2015 SRoll is selected as the official Planck-HFI Consortium map making algorithm.
2014 SRoll is initiated as R&D within the Planck-HFI Consortium


The Bware team

The Bware team evolves with time, the core group members are: Jean-Marc Delouis, Sylvain Mottet, Luca Pagano, Jean-Loup Puget, Laurent Vibert.


The Bware team is involved in the Deepsee projects in which the SRoll algorithm is also used for earth observation missions.