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SRoll 2.2 dust emission model



The present data set provides the dust model built by the SRoll 2.2 algorithm, as described in Delouis et al., arXiv:2102.10004.
Here is a schema of the algorithm:


Maps of the Galactic dust emission model are obtained when extracting the parameters of the solar dipole vector consistently with the Cosmic Microwave Background. Parameters of these maps, and most notably their zero level, are constrained by the convergence of the solar dipole vector directions measured on different sky fractions, and at different frequencies. This model is based on the 545 GHz map dust emission propagation, and therefore has a significantly better signal-to-noise ratio than the Planck Legacy data at 100 to 217 GHz.


The maps are stored in FITS files in HEALPIX format with a resolution of nside=128 smoothed at 1°. Units are μK for frequencies from 100 to 353 GHz, K for 545 GHZ, and for 857 GHz.
Click on any thumbnail to download the corresponding FITS file:


100 GHz 143 GHz 217 GHz 353 GHz 545 GHz 857 GHz